WordPress development

We simply make WordPress websites to perfection

Our best practice approach will make your WordPress website easier to manage, customised to your needs and more engaging for your audience

We use all the knowledge available to ensure your website performs beyond your wildest expectations

WordPress, being the most powerful open source website content management system available, makes it possible for any novice to “design” and “develop” a WordPress website. But the result would be an under-performing WordPress website with security issues, slow pageload speeds, poor search engine optimisation and many other issues. Enjin Powerhouse pays attention to all the WordPress best-practices, including:

  • We research your unique requirements and goals – and everything we do from there is custom designed and coded to meet your specific requirements.
  • Using outstanding hosting which includes four-hourly website backups, a free SSL Certificate and the best technical support.
  • Starting from scratch using the BlankSlate boilerplate theme – custom designing and coding so you engage your target audience .
  • Using only the best and proven premium plug-ins – and ensuring your WordPress website’s security is locked down.
  • Ensuring search engine optimisation requirements are adhered to in order to maximise your website visibility.

Enjin Powerhouse delivers brilliant websites which reflect the unique requirements of each client

Our dedication and passion for our work is palpable

Gavin and his team at Enjin Powerhouse have delivered a brilliant website which reflects the unique requirements of our organisation. They are a very knowledgeable and highly skilled team whose dedication and passion for their work is palpable. We have no hesitation in recommending them.

Luke Koller

Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association

Enjin Powerhouse will create a custom WordPress experience for your business and build your website best practice

By starting from scratch using the BlankSlate boilerplate theme we ensure your website is unique, fast and SEO-friendly

There certainly are many attractive WordPress themes out there. But do you really want your business’ website to be a cookie-cutter? The reality is that if an agency uses an off the shelf WordPress theme, they’re at worst incompetent and at best just lazy.

Enjin Powerhouse perfectly tailors every aspect of your WordPress website to your specific requirements.

With WordPress themes, apart from your website ending up impersonal, most have a few other compromises in common:

  • Licensing restrictions.
  • While WordPress themes look great from the outside, they don’t look great on the inside. Poorly written code affects performance, stability and security.
  • Unoriginal designs that become less original every time someone uses that same theme.
  • Use third-party extensions that may cause security issues.
  • Poor HTML and CSS and a wide range of features that you probably won’t use cause bloating of web pages, slowing down pageload speeds and negatively impacting SEO as wel as your audience satistfaction.

That’s why we believe the best theme for WordPress is the BlankSlate theme.

So, instead of borrowing parts when designing your  unique website, Enjin Powerhouse starts the process with the simple, clean and minimalist BlankSlate theme. The end result is:

  • A website that depicts your business’ unique brand and is customised to its specifications.
  • A website using valid code, fast pageload speeds.
  • A website which is SEO-friendly.
  • A website that is secure.

There's good reason why Enjin Powerhouse recommends Serversaurus for WordPress website hosting

High performance hosting, backups every 4 hours, 24/7 uptime monitoring, email addresses with custom domain ... and simply the best support

Here are just a few reasons why we prefer Serversaurus for WordPress web hosting:

  • Fast website load time offers better user experience, so visitors are more likely to convert to the reason for your website’s existence.
  • Your website is less likely to have down time, so it will be less likely to be unavailable or disrupted. A website with poor web hosting is likely to make you lose customers, revenue and trust.
  • Hosting includes an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, ensuring a website where sensitive information is protected and encrypted, and a website that meets a core requirement for Google ranking.
  • Hosting includes up to 20 email accounts with a custom domain and includes unlimited aliases, with more email accounts at an extremely affordable rate.
  • Four-hourly website backups means if anything were to go wrong, you can restore information at any time.
  • Not just better support if anything were to go wrong, but the absolute best support!
  • It is in your best interest to invest in professional website hosting platforms in order to ensure you get best possible performance and search engine rankings.
  • Web hosting is seriously affordable.